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This listing is to be 3D printed and fulfilled by
VIL's official 3D printing provider
Shapeways orders will take 2-4 weeks for delivery.
See our F.A.Q. for more details.

Model was based on the album artwork from the 3Teeth album, Shutdown Exe. VIL studied the artwork closely and added many amazing, highly accurate, details!

- Warning, the tips of the trident may be SHARP -

The trident was originally created as a gift for the lead singer of 3TEETH, Alexis Mincolla. He owns the very first printing of this trident! The trident has also since made its way to Mincolla's Instagram and even Revolver's 2021 Spring issue! See our page PORTFOLIO / Past Projects page.

VIL is selling a very limited number of these tridents -
- they will eventually be taken offline.
Be sure to order now before the Divine Trident is gone forever!

11 x 2.3 x 0.31 inches

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 3D Model is 100% exclusive to VIL & and is FAN ART.
Model has been test printed & is even more impressive in person.
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If interested in a material/color/size not seen on the listing, please let us know. VIL is honored to work with other businesses and individuals for custom orders. See our CUSTOM 3D Models+Prints page for more details.
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VIL is consistently working on new 3D models and is always growing our inventory. Follow us on social media for our latest projects, events, and art.​
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VIL recommends seeing our F.A.Q. / 3D PRINT MATERIALS page for further details on the available material choices.
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