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In the original Scream film, 2 different masks were used.
This pendant pays homage to the lesser known, screen used, mask.
A true treasure for the avid Scream fan and comes in 2 sizes. 
VIL knows YOU like scary movies ;)

SMALL: ~1.5 Inch (0.91 x 1.5 x 0.43 inches)
LARGE: ~2 Inch (1.21 x 0.56 x 2 inches)

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Model has been test printed & is even more impressive in person.
Model is 100% exclusive to VIL & is FAN ART.
If you're interested in a material/color/size not seen on the listing,
please let us know.
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VIL is consistently working on new 3D models and is
always growing our inventory.
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