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 ❂ IDEA 
This pendant was modeled after The Reckless One's logo and
can be modified in just about any way upon request. 
VIL wants to ensure the final product is exactly as envisioned by RO and
is happy to make any changes to suit your vision.

3 x 0.27 x 1.49 inches

Pricing Details 
Prices currently seen on this listing are heavily discounted and offered only for RO's review.
VIL kindly requests confidentiality on prices seen here.

There are 2 ways purchases for this item may be completed:
1. Place an order through this listing and purchase however many uints desired.
Any quanity from 1 to 500+ may be ordered. 
Once in hand, RO sells units directly to the public at their chosen price point
and all profits from public sale are kept by RO.

This option requires no money down. 
A link to this listing may be shared with the public for direct purchase through this website (Shapeways). Simply share the link, a customer makes their purchase here (Shapeways handles all customer service and mailings), and once month payments are sent to VIL/RO.
VIL will modify this listing for public viewing and will adjust prices to fit RO's desired price point.
The new prices chosen by RO results in a mark-up which is 100% RO's to keep.
VIL keeps all information strictly confidential.

❂ Pricing Suggestions for Public Sale 
Plastic Prints = $25 - $35 / RO Potential Profit: $7 - $17 per unit
Steel Prints = $30 - $50 / RO Potential Profit: $7 - $27 per unit
Polished Brass = $75 - $90  / RO Potential Profit: $8 - $23 per unit
Polished Silver = $130 - $200 / RO Potential Profit: $10 - $80 per unit
Public price points are 100% RO's decision.

⛧               V   I   L               ⛧

Model has been test printed & is even more impressive in person.
Model is currently 100% exclusive to VIL & is FAN ART.
If you're interested in a material/color not seen on the listing,
please let us know.
❂ ❂ ❂
VIL is consistently working on new 3D models and is
always growing our inventory.
VIL is honored to work with other businesses and happily accepts custom orders from the public.
See our website for details.
Follow us on social media for our latest projects, events, and art.​ 

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