VIL's Online Catalog Features 2 Types of Fullfilment:

Each listing specifies fulfilled by Shapeways or is VIL IN STOCK.


Most items are 3D printed to order. Once an order is placed, the order is 3D printed, and mailed to customers by Shapeways. (Any customer service issues for Shapeways orders, need to be brought to Shapeways directly)

VIL carries some of our 3D prints within our in-house inventory, no 3D printing wait time needed. Mailed to customers by VIL.

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VIL's production process is completely done with 3D printing. VIL strongly recommends reading our 3D Print Materials section below to know what to expect from the metal 3D print options.

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۞ 3D Printing Needed

VIL is proud to partner with Shapeways, a company at the forefront of the 3D printing industry. All Shapeways fulfillment orders will be 3D printed after an order is placed. Shapeways then mails the order directly to the buyer. Any customer service issues with a Shapeways fulfillment order, will need to contact Shapeways directly. All Shapeways orders will expect a turnaround time of about 2-4 weeks.

Shapeways Shipping Policy ✵
Shapeway orders are usually delivered to buyers within about 30 days or less. Please keep in mind this time-frame is due to your custom order bring uniquely 3D printed just for you (and includes all the detailed steps involved making sure your print comes out just right). VIL is confident you will find this wait time to be well worth it. All Shapeway orders come from NY, USA.

Shapeways Returns ✵
All return and customer service requests will need to be brought to Shapeways directly; see link provided below.

Please note, Shapeways has their own return policy which is also provided below for your review.



     ۞ NO 3D Printing Wait Time

All items which are shown to be VIL IN STOCK will be mailed directly from VIL. In Stock items provide the shortest turnaround time for our customers. Depending on the delivery address, customers may expect their orders delivered within about 1-5 days for Priority and 1-12 days for First Class. Note, weekends and holidays are excluded from mailing/shipping times.

VIL IN STOCK Shipping Policy 
Orders are typically mailed within 1-2 days after an order is placed (excluding weekends and holidays). VIL offers USPS Priority Shipping (suggested) and USPS First Class (domestic and some international countries). If selecting Priority Mail, all parcels are automatically covered with USPS Insurance (up to $50 dollar value) and will be delivered within 1-3 days after shipping. First Class parcels will take anywhere from about 2-12 days and have no insurance coverage. VIL will NOT compensate for lost First Class parcels; please be sure to provide a secure delivery address. VIL ships from Central California, USA.

VIL IN STOCK Returns ✵
ALL returns must first be approved by VIL before any actions are taken.
Refunds, or exchange values, are honored if the return is requested within 7 days of delivery date. Returns must be in brand new condition or a corresponding reduction in refund amount, or exchange value, will be applied. Please send a message, with the reason for return, and VIL will reply with further instruction. 
All return shipping costs are to be paid by the buyer, unless VIL agrees to cover shipping costs before mailing due to an error we made. VIL aims for completely satisfied customers. We are prepared to rebuild our buyer’s trust and provide a free prepaid return label if we made a mistake.



VIL's availability for custom orders will vary.
Please see our CUSTOM 3D MODELS/PRINTS page for complete details on how this process works, and for a sample project to use as reference. Note custom orders require ample communication between VIL and buyer; please be ready to communicate regularly until the project is completed. 



VIL 3D prints our models exclusively using metals and plastics (we may make exceptions for custom orders). A full list of available materials may be found on Shapeways; link provided below. Note VIL is not able to have our models 3D printed in every available material.


Versatile Plastic is what VIL has featured on our listings. Versatile Plastics come in 9 different color options and provide the most affordable option for buyers. Plastics are also very consistent in color and texture.

If there is a color section you'd like to see on a listing and it's not actively there, please let us know and we'd be happy to update the listing for you.



Metals offer an impressive appearance for all our 3D models. VIL features mostly Brass, real Silver, real Gold, and Steels (Bronze Steel, Gold Steel, Nickel Steel, Bronzed-Silver Steel, Black Steel) on our listings.

Bronzed-Silver Steel is the most affordable option, but also results in the most varying color/finish outcomes. Bronzed-Silver Steel may result in a bronze or silver color. The finish may also be smooth or very rough/matte.

To ensure a more consistent color and finish, VIL recommends the other Steel and Metal options. Polished Nickel Steel results in the most silver color outcome (for steel options).

Pure Gold and the Pure Silver options are also absolutely incredible and impressive in person. They provide the most elite appearance of any material selection.