Jach ki'imak in wóol in wilikech (Mayan) / "Pleased to meet you"

VIL is owned and operated by husband and wife team, Ruben and Desirae Morales. Started on Friday, February 13th 2014, VIL is a business specializing in creating amazing 3D models found nowhere else. VIL primarily operates by providing 3D modeling services and maintaining an ever expanding online store featuring our 3D models and prints. VIL also has a history of vending at horror/sci-fi conventions all over Southern California. Over VIL's 10+ years of operations, we've been honored to work with numerous businesses and people from many diverse backgrounds and industries. Our models have been used to create full size face masks, incredibly accurate cosplay accessories, unique props for video/theater productions, and of course beautiful custom jewelry.

VIL is extremely proud to have a majority of our 3D modeling done by an industry leading artist. VIL’s co-owner, Ruben "Voorhees" Morales, has over 20 years of professional 3D art experience. Ruben's name can be found credited in a total of 8 different major video game titles like Call of Duty and God of War (and is currently working on the new God of War).

All of VIL’s 3D models are top of the line quality and produce nothing but incredibly impressive 3D prints. VIL's dedication to quality and accuracy is why word of mouth, and repeat customers, are a significant part of our continued success.

VIL is passionate about what we do and as a modest family team, it is incredibly rewarding to see so many happy customers. VIL is very thankful for all those we've had the pleasure to do business with in the past, and look forward to meeting new faces in the future ☮

VIL 2014 - 2024/∞
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VIL is captivated by all things Friday the 13th and there is no bigger fan than VIL's Ruben "Voorhees" Morales.

Known as 'Ruben Voorhees' on the internet, Ruben's cosplay is well known within the horror community and beyond. His images/videos have gone viral multiple times, he has been memed, and his photos have also been shared by numerous celebrities. Ruben was featured on one of SyFy's 2019 Halloween commercial series and has been hired professionally by celebrities for Halloween parties. You might even find his face on some people, as he's been tattooed multiple times!

Ruben credits some of his success to the fact his cosplay is so highly accurate to the source material/films. To achieve this accuracy, Ruben has used 3D printing, and some of the businesses in our Past Projects section (BDS / FGM), to create truly impressive cosplay apprecaited by fans all around the world!

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"In muztla, in uiptla"
"Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow"

Aztec saying meaning,
we will be seeing one another soon and often.