PORTFOLIO: Past Projects

VIL is not only proud, but also honored we've had the opportunity to work with some amazing business and people over the years.
Below are just some of VIL's past collaborations and projects.
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VIL appreciates your interest!


In 2020 VIL and Trick Or Treat Studios teamed up to create a series of official merchandise for the HALLOWEEN and CHILD'S PLAY series. Licensing, and mass production, is provided by Trick Or Treat Studios. VIL provided the 3D models used to make all 3 items. Reviews have been great and VIL is proud to have our work honoring the legendary villains from Halloween and Child's Play. Below are the products VIL helped create for official 2020 release via Trick Or Treat Studios.


VIL has a long-time rapport with prominent FX Art Studio, Bloody Disgusting Studios. Bloody Disgusting Studios, or BDS, has worked side by side with VIL on a number of projects. From prop making, mold making, costuming, painting, and now 3D printing - VIL is honored to work with a fellow villain dedicated to producing top quality art for the public. VIL highly recommends BDS and knows you'll be satisfied with their work. Below are just a few of our past collaborations.


Maybe you've seen their viral videos online, but if you haven't Low Carb Comedy is quite possibly best known for their viral hit - Teen Slasher Romantic Comedy. When Low Carb Comedy needed help in making a very special prop for their part 2 video, VIL was contacted. We are proud to have our work featured in their sequel Social Mediasochist II. VIL provided the infant Voorhees mask and the Jason pendant Carrie is seen wearing in the below video. 



Fiber Glass Masks is home to an extensive collection of mask designs and their collection is bound to impress any viewer. When Fiber Glass Masks needed help in getting highly accurate modeling for some of their masks, VIL provided the 3D model to create an impressive life-size mold. Customers can now head over to FiberGlassMasks.com and purchase a life-size mask of our Mighty Ducks and Fortnight models. Beautiful, impressive, and HIGHLY accurate to the film. VIL never fails to deliver on accuracy and is exactly why reputable businesses like Fiber Glass Masks come to VIL for their 3D modeling needs.

▁▂▃ VIL's Ruben Voorhees ▃▂▁

VIL is passionate about all things Friday the 13th and there is no bigger fan than VIL's Ruben "Voorhees" Morales. Known as 'Ruben Voorhees' online, Ruben's cosplay is well known within the horror community and beyond. His photos have been memed/went viral more than once and his photos have been shared by numerous celebrities. He was featured on one of SyFy's 2019 Halloween commercial series and has even been hired professionally by celebrities for Halloween parties. You may even find his face on people, as he's even been tattooed! Ruben has used 3D printing, and some of the businesses above, to create truly impressive cosplay.