Villains in Love

is honored to have worked with some amazing businesses and people over the years. Below are just a few examples of our past collaborations and personal projects.

If interested in working with VIL please be sure to visit our page CUSTOM 3D Models/Prints for details.

♥ VIL appreciates your interest! ♥


    VIL and ToTs (Trick or Treat Studios) have teamed up together again to bring you more official Child's Play Merchandise! VIL created the 3D models which were used to create 2 Chucky knives; Voodoo Knife (photo above, left) and Boot Knife (right).

    In the above photo on the right, you'll also see the two 3D printed prototypes VIL created for this project.

    VIL is proud to have our work honoring the ionic Child's Play series. We are also very happy to be continuing to work with the reputable Trick-or-Treat Studios.

    Ultimate Chucky - Voodoo Knife

    Child's Play 2 - Chucky Boot Knife Accessory

    [Special thank you to BDS] 

    VIL has a long-time rapport with prominent FX Art Studio - Beyond Disgusting Studios (who recently was booked by AMC's streaming service, Shudder, for a new 2022 production; congratulations hermano!). Beyond Disgusting Studios, or BDS, has worked side by side with VIL numerous projects; and continues to. From prop making, mold making, costuming, and now 3D printing - VIL is honored to work with a fellow villain dedicated to producing top quality art for the public.

    VIL highly recommends BDS and we know you'll be beyond satisfied with their work. The above photo is just a small sample of our past collaborations. 
  • 2021 - YORKIETHON: 6

    The The Movie Crypt's 6th annual YORKIETHON in December 2021 was a huge success. YORKEITHON is a 48-hour LIVE pod-cast marathon to benefit the respectful Save A Yorkie Rescue. There was celebrity guests, live music, film commentaries, and a silent auction to help raise money for the rescue.

    VIL was happy to do our small part and donated one of our VS Pendants to the silent auction. VIL's pendant raised over $125, and the fundraiser overall was able to raise over $37,000! VIL is proud we were able to make our humble contribution and help some furry friends in need.

    VS Pendant ⛧ VIL ⛧ 
  • 2021 - VIL's Divine Trident in Revolver Magazine Spring Issue

    VIL's Divine Trident was spotted in Revolver's Spring 2021 issue. The handheld trident seen on page 80 (top left), was gifted to 3Teeth's Alexis Mincolla during their 2019 Metawar tour.

    It would appear VIL's trident is a favorite of Mincolla's, as the trident was also posted on his official Instagram. VIL creates items with an accuracy and quality anyone would cherish.

    VIL's Divine Trident is a limited release and will not always be available for public sale. Be sure to grab yours now before it is gone.

    3TEETH Divine Trident - LIMITED EDITION ⛧VIL⛧ 

    In 2020 VIL and Trick Or Treat Studios teamed up to create a series of official merchandise for the HALLOWEEN and CHILD'S PLAY series. While licensing, and mass production, was by Trick Or Treat Studios; VIL created the 3D models to mass produce 4 different products. Reviews have been absolutely great for all four. VIL is proud to have our work officially honoring these horror icons, and for getting the opportunity to work with the reputable, Trick or Treat Studios!

    Halloween Michael Myers Poster Knife Prop

    Seed of Chucky - Heart of Damballa Amulet Prop

    Seed of Chucky - Glen Axe One-to-One Scale Prop

    Bride of Chucky Tiffany Gold Pendant with Necklace

    Trick Or Treat Studios 
  • 2019 - LOW CARB COMEDY

    Maybe you've seen their viral videos online, but if you haven't, Low Carb Comedy is quite possibly best known for their viral hit - Teen Slasher Romantic Comedy.

    In 2019, when Low Carb Comedy needed help in making a very special prop for their 'Part 2' video, VIL was contacted. We are proud to have our work featured in their sequel Social Mediasochist II. VIL created the infant Voorhees hockey mask, and the Jason pendant Carrie is seen wearing throughout the video. 

    Social Mediasochist II - On and On | Foster & Lowcarbcomedy | Romantic Horror Parody Music Video 

    Fiberglass Masks is home to an extensive collection of numerous mask designs and their selection is bound to impress. When Fiberglass Masks needed help
    in getting highly accurate modeling for some of their masks VIL was contacted. We delivered highly detailed 3D models which were then used to create impressive life-size molds for future mask making. Amazing, stunning, and highly accurate to source material, Fiberglass Masks produces some of the best (most accurate) masks out there. VIL never fails to deliver on accuracy and is exactly why reputable businesses like Fiberglass Masks come to VIL for their 3D modeling needs. 


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